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Arnold Jackson Drummond
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What-ya talking about (Name)!
Personal Information
Gender: Male
Nationality African American
Ethnicity Black
Full name Arnold John Jackson
Nickname Arnelda (Alias) Abubaka (former alias), Blood (By Willis)
Hair Color: Black
Age: Born 1970
Birthplace Harlem
Related to: Mr. Jackson (late father)
Mrs. Jackson (late mother)
Willis Jackson (older brother)
Phillip Drummond (adoptive father)
Maggie Drummond (adoptive stepmother)
Kimberly Drummond (adoptive older sister)
Sam McKinney (adoptive younger stepbrother)
Mertle (distant cousin)
Sophia Drummond (adoptive aunt)
Heinrich Van Drummond (adoptive distant great uncle)
Hometown New York City
Character information
Appeared on: Diff'rent Strokes
Character played by: Gary Coleman
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Arnold Jackson is one of the two deuteragonists in Diff'rent Strokes. Arnold is played by child actor Gary Coleman in the show. 


Arnold was an orphan boy along with his older brother Willis, until they was adopted by Phillip Drummond, a wealthy white benefactor. He is a fan favorite. He is known for saying "What-ya talking about [name]"